PureComfort Replacement Pillowcase for the Curved Pillow - Soft & Comfortable Pillowcase for Curved Pillows - Pillow Sold Separately (Set of 1, White)

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Pure Comfort Pillow Case with Curved Gusset Tech Design
  • Luxurious Quality: The pillowcase for the PureComfort Curved Pillow is made of 88% rayon derived from bamboo with 12% Spandex. Bamboo-derived rayon is soft and smooth while the Spandex ensures elasticity and comfort for your ears. At PureComfort we design our fabrics to weave together so they don’t easily tear, making them strong & durable, yet comfortable for deep sleep.
  • Replacement Pillowcase: Our curved side sleeping pillow comes with a Dual Tencel Pillow Cover, but with the amount of comfortable time you spend in a deep sleep on our side sleeping pillows, you may need a soft and luscious replacement.
  • Soft & Healthy Hair: Rayon derived from bamboo does not absorb moisture like cotton, which means you don’t have to wake up with fuzzy and frizzy hair.
  • Cooling & Comfortable: Bamboo-derived rayon pillowcases are made from a luxuriously silky and soft fabric to create a lustrous and shiny appearance, with a characteristic smooth texture. PureComfort’s bamboo-derived rayon and Spandex infused pillow cases are soft and durable, and great for all-season use.
  • We assure you the pillow case is easy to care for, just machine wash with cool water.