SOUP Cold Asphalt Solution

SOUP is a black liquid Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) additive. Designed to rejuvenate the oxidized binder on the RAP stone, SOUP turns road rock waste into a packaged cold asphalt mix used for pothole repair or new road construction.

SOUP asphalt solution is recycling based, so there isn't any waste created in the process. The technology is up to 1500% more cost effective than conventional methods.

Other advantages include :

  • Cold application reducing energy consumption and year-round work-ability (rain or snow)
  • Quick and cost effectiveness: fix a pothole in 30 seconds
  • Environmentally friendly solution - up to 99% of the mix is from recycled resources
  • Easy to apply (even manually!) and guaranteed to be permanent
  • Minimal traffic intervention through simplified processes

SOUP based roads and patches are fundamentally different than hot mix solutions as they are superior, more economical, environmentally friendly and promote sustainability.

The challenges in road repairs are no secret - high costs, time-intensive processes, and a daunting backlog. It's clear we need a game-changer, and we are thrilled to share a revolutionary solution with you.

🛣️ This innovation is a game-changer for the industry, offering a circular economy with 97.5% recycled material. It not only rejuvenates constituents and binding properties but also outlasts any existing product. Polymer based, not an Emulsion. No more site preparation headaches - it's a cold seamless solution usable in any weather condition, causing minimal disruption to road networks.

🌿 **Sustainable & Circular**: Reducing our carbon footprint is at the forefront. This asphalt binder is a step towards a greener future, embracing sustainability without compromising on performance.

💪 **Durable & Resilient**: With longevity that surpasses current products, it promises a more robust road network. From roads and bridges to pavements, airports, and ports - its versatility knows no bounds.

🌦️ **All-Weather Application**: No need to worry about weather constraints. Our binder adapts to all conditions, making repairs possible year-round.
Let's usher in a new era of road construction, transforming the industry with innovation that aligns with environmental goals. Join in with reshaping infrastructure for a sustainable and resilient future! 


What is SOUP?

SOUP is a unique rejuvenating liquid to be mixed with recycled asphalt aggregates (RAP) to create a strong, inexpensive patching mixture

How much SOUP do I need?

SOUP is mixed with RAP at a ratio of approximately 1:50. To make 1kg of finished material, 97-99% RAP should be mixed thoroughly with 1-3% SOUP. The exact amount depends on the application, climate, type of RAP aggregates and their size

Can I use SOUP with normal aggregates?

No. SOUP is a rejuvenating agent that only reacts with RAP. Combinations of RAP + Aggregates + SOUP work, however RAP must be included

What is the recommended RAP aggregate size?

We recommend working with filtered RAP aggregates, not larger than 12mm. Larger aggregates could be used if the pothole is very deep.

Is the material workable under any climate?

Yes! When the stones are already mixed with SOUP, potholes can be fixed even while it’s raining or snowing. Pouring the cold asphalt mix into a water filled pothole simply displaces the liquids and patches the hole. With SOUP, potholes in Siberia, Russia were repaired under -30C; Just make sure the RAP is dry before mixing.

When can the road be re-opened for traffic?

Immediately! The pothole is ready for traffic immediately after patching.

Do I need to compact the patch?

Generally no. The passing cars will do the work for you; just make sure you use enough of the mix so it is just above the road surface to allow setting. However, if you wish to compact, this will only improve the quality of your patch and make it more even. The more compaction, the better the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can the road be re-opened for traffic?

Immediately! The pothole is ready for traffic immediately after patching.

Is this workable under any climate?

Yes! Potholes can be fixed even while it’s raining or snowing. Pouring the cold asphalt mix into a water filled pothole simply displaces the liquids and patches the hole. Our product is currently being used to fill potholes where temperatures reach under -30C.

Does the material work in water?

Yes, all of our products are hydrophobic and work directly in water/rain. You can put our product in a pothole full of water without blowing or removing the water, and with efficient compaction the material will hold.

How long until the material cures?

Our material is ready for traffic immediately after compaction. As the material is polymer based, it is non-sticky, and the aggregates will not be kicked up by car tires or leave the pothole, yet will continually be compacted downwards. For the repair to be fully cured, it takes about 2-3 months from the top down.

What applications can I use the product for?

Our product should be viewed like HMA. In any application where HMA could complete a repair, we are confident our product can do the same with effective results. Potholes, Trenching, Utility Cuts, Manholes, Paving Low Traffic Roads (bulk), and more! Any repair that could use Asphalt.

Does this product work on Concrete as well?

YES! our product can work on all repair areas, and will bond directly to concrete with no other additives or materials. 

Where should I store the product, can it be stored outside?

In bags, it can be stored indoors or outdoors

What is the product made of?

The finished product consists of 2.5% proprietary polymer binder and 97.5% Recycled Asphalt grindings/aggregates. The product is completely environmentally friendly and uses no emulsion oils.

Can the product be used in a Hot Box Patching Truck?

Yes! As the key constituent is polymer based and non-sticky, it can be used directly in the Hot Box Patching trucks just the same as Hot Mix Asphalt, but you will not need to clean the truck afterwards with oils/solvents as the material will come out of the box clean leaving no mess behind.