Passionate about eco living

Discover a wide range of sustainable solutions for everyday living, sourced by planet-conscious brands

Sustainability starts at home

Discover the benefits of the biodegradable bamboo fibre ASTRIK in your home.

Biodegradable tableware

Sustainable choices for your home, made from bamboo & corn

Pillows designed for comfort

With Tencel outercase

Eco home & lifestyle solutions

So, you’re looking to make sustainable updates in your life? At eco&me, we’re here to make it simple and even fun, with a wide range of sustainable brands and products on our marketplace.

Plus, our brand catalogue is constantly growing, with everything from stylish low-impact travel accessories to vibrant biodegradable kitchenware. So, shop with us today and bring modern, eco-friendly solutions into your life.

Turning the tide on plastic pollution

Made from sustainable materials, Astrik serves to challenge the status quo when it comes to the use of plastic in our society.

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