Cold Applied Asphalt Crack Filler is a black, rubberized single component cold applied viscous liquid. It's heavy and slow curing, filling up 4mm and wider cracks. This asphalt crack sealer prevents water penetration into the crack, and adheres with the surrounding pavement.

Crack repairs with this Crack Filler can be made as a prior treatment to application of TL-2000 top layer treatments or as a stand-alone repair for distressed roads.

  • • Revolutionary cold application crack repair, ideal for places where hot application is too dangerous (e.g. airports)
  • • Cheap and long lasting
  • • Manual or automated application possible, no heating required

Timely crack treatment extends road service lives and save money. This Crack Sealer works under any temperature and requires no special equipment, enabling immediate repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TL-R Cold Crack Sealer?

TL-R is viscous, single-component elastic bitumen polymer, cold applied, rubber-like viscous liquid. It is specifically developed for sealing pavement cracks.

What cracks can be sealed with TL-R Crack Sealer?

Crack Sealer is intended for sealing various type of asphalt/concrete cracks. Narrower cracks can be sealed by coating the whole surface with a thin membrane of TL-2000, and wider ones require deep patching by using our pothole sealing materials but the vibrating cracks require a rubberized solution.

How to seal cracks with TL-R Crack Sealer?

Remove old sealant (if any) and all loose material along the crack edges. Fill the remaining hollow with a layer of Crack Sealer. After that, it is possible (but not necessary) to coat the surface with a thin membrane of TL-2000 for added protection. Make sure not to coat the road around the crack with TL-R; only the hole must be filled.