Zuperzozial aims to create products that respect our world in a simple and smart way. Environmentally conscious design but much more than functional: contemporary products that are as stylish as they are durable. What the Zuperzozial collections have in common is that they are made with the future in mind.

Zuperzozial is not only zuper stylish but is the broadest range of sustainable tableware for at home or while out and about. Based on food-safe biodegradable bamboo & corn, enforced with melamine resin for durability, Zuperzozial has great colourways and designs that cater for any occasion.

bioplastic C-PLA 

Bioplastic is made from renewable resources, like corn, sugar cane and grain. The sugar from these plants is fermented and distilled which creates lactic acid. By adding Talcum powder to the lactic acid it starts to crystallize. This creates a PLA that is more resistant to heat, namely C-PLA. C-PLA bioplastic products are suitable for daily use, quick microwave heat-up and are dishwasher safe. The products are food grade and without artificial additives like BPA and melamine.