Zuperzozial Grab A Snack Plate

£11.20 £14.00


Have three large options to Grab a Snack!

This snackplate is a generous size for sharing nachos and dips, popcorn, crisps and much more. From the bamboo and corn collection it's stainless making it easy to clean and safe for our environment.

Ideal for party entertaining, large get-togethers or movie night's-in. The snackplate matches nicely with other Zuperzozial tableware products in colour Dawn.


  • Zuperzozial Grab A Snack Plate
  • Materials: Bamboo and Corn
  • Dimensions:L 30 x W 31.5 x H 7 cm
  • Colour: Stone Grey
  • Special notes:
  • Food approved by both EU & US regulators.
  • Enviornmentally friendly and for long term use. Dishwasher safe.