Zuperzozial Foursquare Serving Mate Tray White

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The original biodegradable tableware collection. Zuperzozial is not only zuper stylish but, also kind to the environment too. Made from natural bamboo & corn powder to bind it together, Zuperzozial is completely durable for multiple-uses and food-use approved by both EU & US regulators.

The entire range is ethically produced and takes around 3 years to degrade once disposed of. Zuperzozial is non-stain too, so you can use for serving anything, from tasty dressed salads to presenting your speciality spaghetti bolognese! The rustic, almost stone-like feel to the range, also complements perfectly the philosophy behind this collection.

  • Zuperzozial Foursquare Serving Mate Tray White
  • Materials: Bamboo and Corn
  • Dimensions: L34cm x W34cm x H4.6cm
  • Special notes: Dishwasher Safe up to 40c